Unified Commerce connector apps för Dynamics

Purpose-built Unified Commerce connector apps for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.

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The connect2Sitoo app

The connect2Sitoo app provide immediate connection between Microsoft Dynamics and Sitoo’s Unified Commerce and POS for Global Retailers.

Connect2Sitoo automations.

  • Dynamics Items to Sitoo Products
  • Dynamics Item Stock Level to Sitoo
  • Dynamics Prices to Sitoo
  • Dynamics Customers to Sitoo
  • Sitoo Orders to Dynamics
  • Sitoo Return Orders to Dynamics
  • Dynamics Invoices to Sitoo

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The connect2Klaviyo app

Klaviyo in combination Microsoft Dynamics Business Central provides the best platform for marketing to business that sells online. The connect2Klaviyo App provides a seamless, pre-built connection between these solutions.

Connect2Klaviyo automations.

  • Dynamics Orders to Klaviyo Automation
  • Dynamics Shipments to Klaviyo Automation
  • Dynamics Invoices to Klaviyo Automation
  • Dynamics Credit Memos to Klaviyo Automation

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    Sitoo AppKlaviyo AppReclaimit App

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    The connect2Reclaimit app

    The connect2Reclaimit app provide immediate connection between Microsoft Dynamics and Reclaimit, the one-stop-shop for returns, complaints and claims.

    Connect2Reclaimit automations.

    • Dynamics Sales Orders to Reclaimit
    • Reclaimit Replacement Sales Orders to Dynamics
    • Reclaimit Return Sales Orders to Dynamics

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    Don’t miss our eCommerce Connector apps.eCommerce Connectors

    Business Central eCommerce integration apps for all major platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Centra, and Storm Commerce.

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    Coming Soon

    Connect2Salesforce app Coming Soon

    The connect2Salesforce app will be available in the AppStore shortly.

    Connect2Salesforce automations.

    • Dynamics Company Contacts to Salesforce Accounts
    • Dynamics Person Contacts to Salesforce Contacts
    • Dynamics Posted Invoices to Salesforce Invoices
    • Dynamics Posted Credit Memos to Salesforce Credit Memos
    • Dynamics Customer Ledger to Salesforce Payments
    • Dynamics Sales Quote to Salesforce Quote
    • Dynamics Sales Order to Salesforce Order

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    SendGrid Supporting app Coming Soon

    The SendGrid Supporting app will be available in the AppStore shortly.

    • Dynamics Order Confirmations to SendGrid
    • Dynamics Shipments to SendGrid
    • Dynamics Sales Invoices to SendGrid
    • Dynamics Sales Credit Memos to SendGrid

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