We work on integrations to Business Central and Dynamics day in and day out…

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Some of the products and protocols we have integrated with our iPaaS OmniConnect platform for our customers and partners.

eCommerce integrations

It is very important to integrate your online store with your ERP solution for real-time data and a single source of truth. However, you must ensure that the integration is made without slowing down the site, since speed is essential for eCommerce.

E-mail communication integrations

Communication is the key to success. In order to send the right messages to the right customer or potential customer at the right time is essential for business.

CRM integration

The CRM integrations are often combined with various lead generation tools. It is equally important to make sure the leads and the loyal customers gets the right treatment.

POS integrations

When you have retail stores and online stores selling your product you have to integrate everything in order to have correct information about stock levels, production orders etc.

PIM Integrations

Product Information Management (PIM) solutions provides repositories to collect, manage, and enrich product data, create and manage product catalogs, and distribute these to sales and eCommerce channels. PIM solutions are more efficient ways to create and deliver powerful product experiences.

WMS Integrations

A warehouse management system (WMS) is software that helps companies manage and control daily warehouse operations, from the moment goods and materials enter a distribution or fulfillment center until the moment they leave. WMS software systems are a key component of supply chain management and offer real-time visibility into a company’s inventory. They help optimize all warehouse processes.

Shipping integrations

Shipping is becoming one of the most important aspect of all commerce today. Your eCommerce, other POS, warehouse, and supply chain is depending on good shipping. Make sure that you connect with all the important shipping partners in your region.

Return Management integrations

Handling returns, complaints and claims is always tricky. You have to manage all aspects of returns and ensure that payment is received from suppliers. With an automated integration, costly customer management issues and hassle with consignment notes are avoided.

Printing integrations

Printing. We still need it in this time and age. Labels, bar codes, shipping information. You name it. We integrate printing systems with your ERP and eCommerce for smooth, automatic handling.

Analysis integrations

Understanding it all. And displaying it so it can be understood. Integrate you analysis tools with your business for relevant facts.

Pharmacy integrations

Integrations that support prescription processing for eCommerce and all other sales channels.

EDI integrations

Business specific EDI integrations.

Protocol and resources integrations

Maybe this is not so much about integrations but about methods. We have worked with all of these protocols since the last century. We know them.



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