Use a specialized Business Central integration partner for your eCom.

Use a specialized Business Central integration partner for your eCom

Finding the right partner to work with on integrations for your Unified Commerce projects is hard enough. When looking for a partner that understands and specialize in commerce integrations for Business Central or Microsoft Dynamics NAV the search become even harder.

You cannot fix everything with a single tool.

Most integration solution providers and iPaaS products claim to be able to integration with any ERP and any commerce platform, but these companies or solutions are usually not purpose-built. They integrate everything to anything using “templates”. Templates may provide some level of “integration”, but it is not easy to be a specialist and have deep knowledge and understanding of multiple ERP and Unified Commerce products. If you have worked on integrations between business software system in the past, you know this already.

Your business depends on your ERP.

Your Business Central ERP solution is the heart of your business, you don’t want to disrupt the ongoing business, or put working processes at risk with sub-standard integrations. You need a partner with specialized resources that have decades of experience with your ERP when building out your integrations.

There are differences in various ERP systems, even though they look similar on the surface.

The transaction flow, business processes and system configuration for such things as pricing, sales tax, VAT, freight, and similar charge and allowance items, are different between various ERPs. When integrating with Business Central the partner of choice needs to understand your ERP, not NetSuite or Sage.

Prepare your integrations for future changes.

The initial commerce integration project you engage with the partner on will grow to other projects and integrations. It should grow since that will allow you to realize your digital transformation and Unified Commerce strategy that set you apart and allows for you to blast past the competition with a superior customer experience. The partner you work with needs to have deep understanding of the ERP to help you realize this future state.

We are the Business Central elites.

Codeunit specialize in Business Central ERP commerce integrations. We do not do that this and the other, we provide purpose-built connectors that are designed to be adapted to your needs and requirements. Our iPaaS solution, OmniConnect, is built specifically for Business Central and Dynamics NAV Unified Commerce integrations, this is what we specialize in, and this is what we do!

Read more about our ready-to-run Business Central integration apps for the most common commerce solutions on the market. They are all built with our unique plug-n-sell service which will get you up and running in no time. Also check out the customized integrations that we have created for our customers.

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