Top five reasons to connect Magento with Business Central

Top reasons to connect Magento with Business Central

1) Real-time data for a single source of truth

The main reason for integrating Magento with Business Central is, of course, real-time data, in both your eCommerce website and your ERP. This is critical for customer satisfaction, supply chain assurance, shipping and handling accuracy and the additional items outlined below, which are also dependent on real-time data and a single source of truth.

2) The benefit of correct stock levels in all your POS

Inventory management is difficult at its best. When you manage orders from your Magento eCommerce store, your brick-and-mortar retail stores, EDI, phone, and email orders you need correct real-time updates to your inventory availability. Anything else will result in unsatisfied customers (and co-workers) when you fail to deliver due to incorrect stock level information.

3) Improve your customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is based on how good you are in meeting the customer’s requirements and expectations. Failing to deliver is ranked as the number one reason for decreased customer loyalty. If your Magento store use and present outdated stock levels for your products, you are on a dangerous path towards uncertainty. You need to ensure that you have satisfied customers who receive what they have ordered on time.

4) Get correct payment, shipping and tax information

Handling currencies, taxes and worldwide shipping is a nuisance. And having a pandemic with new rules does not make it easier. An ERP to Magneto connector will result in correct information flowing into Business Central without delayed manual re-entry, which is guaranteed to result in mistakes. An integration will eliminate one of the most important reasons for failing to deliver. A single digit entered wrong can cause havoc in shipping or billing.

5) New business opportunities instantaneously

With real-time purpose-built connectivity you can integrate several Magento stores to a single or multiple Business Central ERP companies. Adding a new store, a new market or a new country is just a few clicks away. All the stores can share the same data. Scalability is a must for a growing business.

So, why not improve your business right away?

With Codeunit’s connect2Magento app you can integrate with ease. It is a Business Central app, downloadable from AppSource. It is a subscription priced SaaS solution, based on your number of SKUs and Orders. The integration is made with Codeunit’s Plug-n-sell™ technology, eliminating the need for costly, time-consuming integration projects. Connect2Magento will provide you with real-time data and automation, without the need for endless integration project meetings that scrutinize your business processes.