Real-time data from Business Central in Shopify and your other POS?

Real-time data from Business Central with Shopify and Sitoo

Real-time data is a hard nut to crack when you have multiple POS locations and one or several Shopify stores. The benefits are immense but is it worth the costs and the time to integrate it all? Let’s talk about Unified Commerce with Shopify and Business Central.

Multi-Channel Sales, Omnichannel Sales or Unified Commerce

Did you start your business with retail stores and added Shopify stores along the way? Or did you start with Shopify and realized that you needed a brick-and-mortar POS as well? With multi-channel sales you will need to manage data in all your stores, including Shopify. Even if you already started an omnichannel sales initiative you will eventually find out that without accurate real-time data your customer experience will suffer. The key to Unified Commerce lies in a Single Source of Truth.

The benefits of a Single Source of Truth

Real-time data transaction and transparent inventory statuses are crucial for your customers. Inability to deliver goods or inaccurate information about shipping times are sure routes towards declining sales due to customers dissatisfaction. The benefits of full integration are, of course, the opposite. Reliable information, clear order options and delivery options give your customers a solid experience that improves your brand loyalty, increases the value and results in more sales, and improved overall margins.

Use Business Central as your Source of Truth everywhere

If you use Business Central as your single source of truth you will be able to take advantage of the powerful functionality of Microsoft Dynamics in both your POS systems and eCommerce storefronts. Imaging having real-time access to orders, delivery notes, and inventory information throughout your commerce systems. You could instantly give your customers options, information, and shipping alternatives, regardless of their choice of store.

But isn’t Unified Commerce an expensive and time-consuming undertaking?

Integrating all your business systems can be an enormous project. Luckily, there are new solutions and Business Central Apps that with minimal effort give your Unified Commerce project a kick-start. Connect2Shopify and connect2Sitoo are two great starting points. If you start by downloading the connect2Shopify app from App Source and continue with the connect2Sitoo app you will have two of the main functions covered for your POS and eCommerce integration. Having your eCommerce and other POS systems connected to Business Central is the groundwork for Unified Commerce. also have several other connector apps for your continued commerce system expansion, such as Klaviyo and Reclaimit.

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