Integrate WooCommerce with Business Central for higher profit.

Integrate WooCommerce with Business Central for higher profit

Most companies would like greater revenue. But even though it is good for the company with greater revenue, in the end, what we really want is higher profit. So, how can you improve your profit margin on current sales? We are going to share a few secrets on how to do that, without heavy investments. Are you ready?

Remove the re-entering in WooCommerce and Business Central.

Redoing is reducing! At least when it comes to reading and re-entering information. And it is probably the greatest source of manual handling errors. Make sure that the information you receive from you WooCommerce is transferred to Business Central automatically. The benefit goes way beyond the time you spend re-entering the information. Human errors will diminish, customer satisfaction will increase, and profit will rise. The importance of a Single Source of Truth is immense.

The benefits of a single source of truth in your WooCommerce store.

Single source of truth (SSOT) is a concept used to ensure that everyone in an organization makes business decisions on the same data. What that means is that the all the information in every instance is based on the same database. For instance, if you have a few other POS, together with your WooCommerce store, they are dependent on the accuracy of the stock levels. It is annoying, to say the least, if you order something, and receive the confirmation, just to receive another email a few days later that the company made a mistake, and the goods are no longer available. Customer satisfaction is blown to pieces.

Another positive side effect of SSOT is that the entire company will have access to better data in the right time. That is a huge benefit for all decision making and the day-to-day work.

Higher customers satisfaction provides higher profit.

Happy customers buy more from you, they are more loyal and don’t look for cheaper alternatives on every occasion. Happy customers will not add to your churn rate. There are a lot of articles about the benefits of happy customers. In short, you don’t want unhappy customers. It is bad for business and bad for profit.

Integrate WooCommerce and Business Central.

But is it not expensive and time-consuming to integrate? A lot of integration solutions are all about processes and never-ending meetings in every level of the company. The never seem to lift and fly. But, with the smart connect2WooCommerce app from Codeunit, you are ready in no time. Download the app from App-source, connect with the built-in plug-n-sell™ technology, and you are ready to benefit from SSOT and remove the manual errors in re-entry of data.