In-depth Business Central knowledge is essential for complex integrations.

In-depth Business Central knowledge is essential for complex integrations

There are plenty of integration providers, solutions and services for Business Central that are very complex from a technology and deployment perspective. The main reason for this is that there are no to very little understanding of the actual Business Central processes, setups, and flows. The lack of deep knowledge is missing in the company providing and building the integration platform, the capabilities in the integration platform itself, and the experience of the service people working on the integration project. How do you proceed and eliminate these concerns and risks? Let’s break it down.

Start with a purpose-built Business Central iPaaS platform.

There are a lot of iPaaS platforms claiming that they can handle any Business Central integration projects. But an all-integration-every-system-integration-platform will never outperform a purpose-built BC platform. When using a generalized provider that integrate anything to everything, the flows will the incomplete and the connections will be shallow, the deployment process will be lengthy and time consuming, and the end result will most likely be an inadequate solution delivered behind schedule.

With a purpose-built BC iPaaS solution you will be able to hook up any unified commerce system with the heart of your entire business, your ERP. The integration is design in its core to run smoothly with Business Central’s processes, and flows. Making the integration seamless.

Choose a specialized Business Central integration partner.

The benefits of a specialized BC integration partner are immense. You will get a correct assessment set by a BC knowledgeable partner, expectations will be communicated and aligned based on deep BC ERP knowledge that encompass the full integration project before it starts. The team will have done the same or very similar integration to BC in the past. The BC integration partner will provide key risk factors and a realistic schedule. And, most importantly, the deliverable will be a stable, working solution that can be extend and scale to meet future needs and requirements.

Choose the Business Central Elite.

Codeunit is a specialized Business Central Unified Commerce integration specialist. We have decades of experience with Business Central, Dynamics NAV, Navision, and commerce integrations. We provide Business Central partners and VARs with elite consulting and development of all types of customized Business Central integrations, which we can deliver on efficiently and successfully as our iPaaS platform is purpose-built for Business Central.

We also have built a portfolio of ready-to-run, Plug-n-Sell, Business Central apps for all the major eCommerce platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento. The apps are equipped with our unique Plug-n-sell™ service. A fully managed service that will bring integrations to your customers swiftly, at a very competitive price and without the need of involvement from your own technical resources.

Are you ready to start a risk-free, on-schedule, integration project? Contact Codeunit at sales @ today!