Improve your customer relations with real-time data

Improve your customer relations with real-time data

There are several reasons why you should connect your eCommerce store to your ERP solution. Among the most important is that you need to have accurate stock levels in your eCommerce store. Failure to deliver, or poor excuses for lack of accurate information will impact your business and your brand experience in a bad way. And it can be really bad. Even for large companies. The horrifying stories about Target’s attempt to enter the Canadian market, and when Best Buy stole Christmas lives on in their customer’s minds. To make matters worse it even forced them out of business. Target left Canada after two disastrous years. Best Buy lost a lot of their customers to Amazon forever and have since filed for bankruptcy protection. Customer loyalty is skin deep in the age of digital shopping.

Build your customer loyalty

The three most important aspects of building customer loyalty are trust, transparency and customer service. All those three will be broken if you fail to deliver an item that was ordered in your eCommerce store. Failure to deliver because of poor transparence of your actual stock of an item will, most likely, harm your brand, your business, and your customers loyalty. And, with Social media, not just for the angry customer, but for all of their friends and acquaintances.

To recieve real-time information about the availability of a certain item is crucial for your customers. Knowing whether it will restock or that it went discontinued, will always build a better understanding, than sending those awful “sorry for your inconvenience”-emails.

All in all, there’s no excuse not to connect your eCommerce store with your ERP solution. With a real-time interchange of orders, stock levels, and customer data you will always be on top of your current inventory. Codeunit has created easy-to-use, behind-the-scenes apps for Business Central that will make sure that your data is always correct. And you don’t have to do anything after the first installation. Which, by the way, is done in minutes with their unique Plug-n-sell™ technology. If your credentials are right and the customers security is passed, you will be up-and-running the upcoming business day, at the latest.

Connect your eCommerce with Business Central

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