Heavy integration projects for Business Central should be a thing of the past.

Heavy integration projects for Business Central should be a thing of the past

Not so long-ago integration projects where complicated, time-consuming, and full of disagreements about processes and methodology. For some companies it is still that way. They have not moved on to cloud ready specialized integration partners.

Integration projects used to start with a complex requirement gathering.

The requirement gathering process used to be very complex with several departments involved. Each trying to understand the internal process and the data flows. Combine that with an evaluation of the current business processes and a review of new best practices and you will have a stew of different opinions.

Modern information gathering should be based on in-depth knowledge of Business Central’s data flows, and extensive experience of business processes and best practices. That is the foundation of a fully functional iPaaS solution. If you add several pre-built apps for the major eCommerce and Unified Commerce platforms, you should be able to use your wish list as a requirement document. Without time-consuming information gathering.

Lengthy integration projects will change along the way.

Time is a factor that you need to consider. When you manage lengthy projects, there will be changes along the way. Not necessary for the better, but people tend to change their minds in long projects. New information might come up if you rushed through the first stages, and upgrades can overturn the perfect plan. Changes to the initial scope are more than frequent in lengthy projects.

With a cloud lifecycle management service, you will be able to go from initiation to maintenance in no time. A specialized Business Central integration partner with long experience have seen all the pitfalls in the past. They know of the difficulties and considerations before you start the project. Most likely, they will already have done a similar integration for another company. Even though there are sometimes minor customizations, the core integration components are available before you even start your specific project.

Chose a cloud ready specialized Business Central integration partner.

Codeunit is a company that is specialized in Business Central integrations. We provide purpose-built connectors that are built to be adapted to the needs and requirements of your company. We have a state-of-the-art Business Central iPaaS solution, OmniConnect, which is designed specifically for the transaction flows, business processes and system configuration of Business Central.

With our unique Plug-n-sell™ Cloud Project Lifecycle we have a lean, streamlined integration and deployment process. The Plug-n-sell™ service has eliminated the traditional heavy implementation and deployment times and related costs. So, go with the future, go with a specialized BC integration partner.

Do you want to know more about Plug-n-sell™ or Cloud project Lifecycle, contact Codeunit at sales @ codeunit.io.