Connect Shopify with Dynamics Business Central to save time and money.

Connect Shopify with Business central

When you are getting started with your Shopify store, it can seem simple to work in a stand-alone non-integrated mode and do double data entry in Business Central. But as soon as you get your eCommerce rolling and orders are coming more frequently, things change. It is then due time to integrate your Shopify stores with Dynamics Business Central. You will save time, money, remove human errors and automate the resolution to dissatisfied customers.

Shopify processes that will become challenging

A lot of processes will be challenging to handle without ERP integration once you get real eCommerce traffic and increased orders in your Shopify Store:

  • Synchronizing your product availability.
  • Add, delete, or change your SKUs.
  • Synchronizing order status.
  • Retrieve shipment data and status.
  • Handling payments.
  • Taxes, especially with global trade

To manually handle all these processes will become impossible sooner rather than later. And the number of human errors will increase, with dissatisfied customers as an unwanted effect. The time for integration with full connectivity and automation is now!

Integrate your Shopify processes with Business Central

When you integrate your Shopify store with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central you need to make sure that the integration support automatic processes. To obtain real-time data of inventory availability, current stock levels, shipping, taxation, and payments you cannot accept solutions that only interchange data once a day. If you want to truly eliminate costly manual work, you need to have a deep and complete automation with your integration, that allows for exchanging critical business data in real time. When you have that, you will save time and money and you will be able to grow without system or human related bottlenecks and hinderances. You will see immediate positive results as it relates to:

  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Shipping Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Accounting and Finance

Do you have more than one Shopify store or other POS?

If you have more than one Shopify store, or other POS, such as a flag ship store or brick and mortar retail store, the advantages will realized even faster with an integrated unified commerce solution. It is almost impossible to handle multiple stores without real-time data. Orders will be lost, stock levels will constantly be wrong, and customers will be dissatisfied. The costs of this disconnected environment are nearly impossible to calculate, but without happy customers there is no business.

Integrate Shopify with Business Central with a true iPaaS solution

There are several apps who claim that they integrate Shopify with Business Central. Make sure that you use an integrating app that is built on an iPaaS solution. Otherwise, it may be difficult to integrate your other business systems, such as CRM, shipping, email marketing, POS systems etc. With a solid iPaaS solution you should be able to integrate all your systems to complete the Unified Commerce experience.

Integrate Shopify with Business Central with connect2Shopify

Connect2Shopify from Codeunit is a simple integration solution which is purpose-built upon the OmniConnect iPaaS solution. You just download the app from Business Central AppSource, install it with the unique Plug-n-sell™ technology, and you are up and running. It is a SaaS solution with a fully functional free trail for 30 days.

Do you want to know more about Shopify integrations, connect2Shopify or OmniConnect iPaaS, please contact us at