Bra Sommarmöbler – eCommerce and physical flag stores in symbiosis

Bra Sommarmöbler

Bra Sommarmöbler (Good Summer Furniture) is a Swedish reseller of selected outdoor furniture. It is a family run company with more than 25 years in the industry. All the furniture they sell are from brands with the highest quality in their segment. To say they are picky is an understatement.

The eCommerce store offers more than 30,000 products. It would be impossible to handle that without a firm grip of their stock inventory and supply chain. To complicate matters even more they also run four flag stores in different part of the country. As you probably realize logistics is a serious matter.

Codeunit Solutions got the assignment to integrate their Magento eCommerce with Business Central. Since we also needed to integrate the physical stores, we knew right away that we need a good POS solution to make it work. We contacted Sitoo to create a tailor-made solution for Bra Sommarmöbler.

Sitoo is a fast-growing tech company which provides a world leading Unified Commerce platform with POS for global retailors. Sitoo provides a game-changing technology, enabling retailers to unify all stores and online sales channels in real-time. It is a SaaS solution, same as ours, so it was a perfect fit.

The center of all integration is OmniConnect, Codeunit’s integration platform for Business Central (1). All of the integrations are connected in OmniConnect.

What did we do?

Bra Sommarmöbler

We started off with the Magento connection (2). We created functionality for automatic transfer of new and change items in Business Central to Magento store. And vice versa. If you create a Product in Magento it will instantly appear in Business Central without any manual re-entry. Then we added automatic transfer of customer information between Business Central and Magneto Accounts.

The real game changer is, of course, the automatic update of stock levels in both Magento and the physical stores. With a single source of truth, customers will not be disappointed by failure to deliver. We added automatic transfer of prices from Business Central to all stores.

Since logistics is vital when you handle furniture, we decided that handle all the Shipping from within Business Central. Simultaneously we decided to let Business Central handle all the invoices. That way it was so much easier to get correct VAT and shipping costs on the invoice. Despite where the customer is located.

We also integrated their main supplier, Brafab, to the system (3). Receiving the data from the actual producer and wholesaler, in real-time, in Business Central removed a lot of manual errors from the supply and demand chain.

Sitoo made it easy to integrate all of the system to the physical stores (4). They also have a fantastic return and refund module, which we implemented, and created automatic data transfer to Business Central.

For the main customer communication, we chose Klaviyo (5). It handles all order confirmation, packing confirmation and shipping information. Do we have to say that it is automatic? We also created an integration for customer feedback with Yotpo (7).

How does it work?

Integrations for Unified Commerce

Let’s say that a customer finds a nice set of outdoor chairs in Bra Sommarmöbler’s website. They decide to buy them. The order is picked up by the connect2Magento app (2) and is created in Business Central. An order confirmation is created in Business Central (1), picked up by connect2Klaviyo (5), and is sent to the customer with Klaviyo e-mail system.

The order is sent to the warehouse and, with the help of an easyWMS solution, someone is packing it and printing the shipping labels (6). When the order is ready to ship, a shipping confirmation is sent with Klaviyo (5). It could be sent directly to the customer or picked up at one of their stores.

When the customer receives the chairs the realize that they are in the wrong color. They return the furniture to any of their stores at which point a return and refund order is created in Sitoo (4) and automatically transferred to Business Central with connect2Sitoo. All of this is tracked and handled by the system. After the final transaction is done, a review is sent to the customer with connect2Yotpo (7).

So, what do Bra Sommarmöbler think of the integration?

For us, the investment has paid off really well. We have improved our knowledge about our sales funnel immensely. We no longer have disappointed customers because of failed delivery. We believe that the joint effort of Codeunit and Sitoo was beyond our expectations.