Top five reasons to connect WooCommerce with Business Central

Connect WooCommerce with Business Central

1) Automatic transfer of key information

When you connect your WooCommerce store with Business Central you only need to enter information once. The information is instantly sent or updated. You will have no more duplicate entries of items or goods with misspelled product numbers or names. The impact of manual entry errors will be something of the past.

2) Improved order fulfillment

Empower you WooCommerce with real-time information of stock levels and shipping information. Automated information can be transferred throughout several stores and WordPress installations simultaneously. Orders, stock levels, and production orders are automated when you connect Business Central with WooCommerce.

3) Improved customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is based on expectations. With real-time data of stock levels and shipping there will be no unexpected changes to availability. You can cancel all the unwanted “We are sorry but …” emails and focus on delivering well-priced product to happy customers.

4) Increased visibility of supply chain

With a good integration between Business Central and WooCommerce there will be no surprises. When your stock levels are going low, you can send automatic production or supply orders to restock, based on the order information given in WooCommerce. You don’t have to wake up and go through all the ongoing orders to see whether you will run into unwanted supply chain issues.

5) Automated financial entry

The order information and the customer information are transferred automatically to your financial department. There is no need to retype information, or manually calculate exchange rates or VAT. Customer invoices and the information in them are instantly transferred to Business Central.

Imagine you could integrate all of the above automatically.

With Codeunit’s connect2WooCommerce you can. It is a Business Central App, downloadable from AppSource, that will integrate your WooCommerce solution with Business Central. The integration is made with Plug-n-sell™ technology, which will eliminate the need for costly, time-consuming, integration processes. Connect2WooCommerce will bring you real-time data and automation without the hustle of endless meetings, complex decisions, and over-the-top IT skills.