Top five reasons to connect Shopify with Business Central

Connect Shopify with Business Central

1) A single source of truth

When you integrate your Shopify store with Business Central you will have automatic transfer of all key information. With a single source of truth, there will be no more manual re-entry of information, with the usual human errors that comes with it. With a good integration app you will use web-hooks to immediately change information in both Business Central and Shopify.

2) Full inventory management

Trying to cope with different stock levels in your ERP system and your Shopify store is a difficult at it’s best. There will always be differences if you try to handle it manually. And you will always be in the back seat. With real-time data of stock levels both you and your customers will know if a product is available or not.

3) Multi-store management

The extra level of management due to multi-store solutions will be close to nothing if you integrate all your stores to the same Business Central ERP system. There will be no more need for unwanted reject order emails. Customers from different stores, or different countries will have the same correct information.

4) Reduced customer complaints

The complaints from customers are often the result of unexpected changes. With real-time information you will be able to reduce them significantly. You will be able to give your customers accurate information regarding orders, shipment, stock levels, etc. And delivery on time, with the right products.

5) Correct payment, shipping and tax information

When you send your customers orders directly into Business Central, it will take care of all the financial handling regardless of different regulations in different countries. You should even be able to set up your VAT handling based on the intricate web of cross-border sales. No more errors in tax handling.

All of the above is available today

With Codeunit’s connect2Shopify app you will be able to integrate swiftly. It is a Business Central app, downloadable from AppSource. It is a SaaS solution, with subscription pricing based on your number of SKUs. The integration is made with Codeunit’s Plug-n-sell™ technology, eliminating the need for costly, time-consuming integration projects. Connect2Shopify will bring you real-time data and automated information without the need for complex decisions and endless meetings.