Cloud Native Microservice iPaaS for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.

OmniConnect iPaaS platform is based on 100% on a serverless microservices architecture.

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OmniConnect – The Tech Behind the Solution.


The architecture of OmniConnect, the Codeunit iPaaS platform for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, is based on the proven Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) design. It means that all communications and transactions between integrated systems are managed by our middle layer – the “bus”. This allows the integrated systems to be loosely coupled, which is a must to accomplish a scalable and reliable solution. One critical advantage with this architecture is that every single piece of communication and transaction between the systems connected with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central using the OmniConnect iPaaS platform is a traceable message. These messages are tracked and logged in OmniConnect, which means that nothing ever occur in the system without leaving an audit trail.

Point-to-point integrations, where Business Central transact and is directly connected to another unified commerce system or platform, might initially seem like the easiest way to go when building an integration, however over time it becomes hard to manage and prone to errors that are difficult to troubleshoot. A tightly coupled point-to-point integration is also vulnerable to performance issues that spread across systems when one system has to wait for another to complete a task.

Stability & Scalability

Codeunits OmniConnect iPaaS platform is purpose-built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central from the ground up, based on 100% on a serverless microservices architecture. What this means is that the platform is built in such a way that it can run on any server and on multiple servers. The platform provider, Microsoft Azure, make sure that we have all the resources needed to scale as the transaction volume increase for our customers. In the case of a peak in transactions, OmniConnect will scale up dynamically to keep up with handling transactions from one system, and at the same time keep those transactions queued up until the receiving system can catch up and process them. All this is handled automatically and dynamically without any actions needed from you. The OmniConnect iPaaS platform is automated and fully managed by Codeunit which allows you to focus on your business, while being assured that your system integrations and transaction flow is take care of!

OmniConnect iPaaS Portal for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • One managed platform for all your integration needs
  • Access to the OmniConnect portal to view reports, trace and audit integrated systems
  • Automated status reports and alters on integration events and transactions
  • Fully managed service and platform, but not a black box! Full insight and traceability of all communications and transactions is available using the OmniConnect portal!

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