Shopify connector app för Dynamics

Seamless connection between Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.

Download the App and sign up for a monthly subscription to take full advantage of real-time, automatic, data interchange.

Download the App and sign up for a monthly subscription to take full advantage of real-time, automatic, data interchange.

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Six great reason to use the connect2Shopify app

  • No installation fees
  • Real-time data
  • Secure access
  • Data matching
  • Purpose built
  • Subscription priced

These automations are pre-built into the connect2Shopify app

  • Shopify Products to Dynamics Items
  • Dynamics Item Stock Level to Shopify
  • Dynamics Items to Shopify Products
  • Shopify Orders to Dynamics
  • Dynamics Shipment with tracking info to Shopify
  • Shopify Refunds & Cancellations to Dynamics
  • Shopify POS Orders to Dynamics
  • and more …

Price and subscription of the connect2Shopify app

The price of the connect2Shopify app is based on how many orders you handle. We use threshold numbers with steps to create a balanced pricing. You start with a subscription fee based on your estimates. We will let you know if you are close to maxing out and should consider upgrading, without any interruption in service.


$235 / €200

per month

up to 200 orders,
incl. Plug-n-sell™ services*


$500 / €425

per month

up to 2,000 orders,
incl. Plug-n-sell™ services


$875 / €750

per month

up to 10,000 orders,
incl. Plug-n-sell™ services


$1,250 / €1,000

per month

up to 50,000 orders,
incl. Plug-n-sell™ services

Super Duper

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* Unlike other editions Essentials is not available for Business Central on-premises, only for Business Central SaaS / Online.

Connect Shopify with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Deep Shopify connectivity to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics NAV is seamless with the Connect2Shopify App from Codeunit.

Connect2Shopify, provided by Codeunit, is purpose-built by industry experts. Minimal setup and configuration is required to get up and running. The subscription to Connect2Shopify is a full-service with hands-off deployment and includes managed and monitored data flows.

Connect2Shopify supports Microsoft Dynamics connectivity to both the Shopify eCommerce and POS products, enabling you to launch fully integrated future-proof business systems for unifying in-store and online sales with your ERP.

Supported Editions:

Connect2Shopify supports Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 and the Essentials and Premium Editions Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
It is available for local installation (OnPrem) and cloud installation (SaaS).

Supported Languages:

Connect2Shopify is available in English.

Supported Countries:

Connect2Shopify is available in all Countries.

This app requires Shopify and is built on the Codeunit OmniConnnect integration platform.

Do you want more features?

We know that some of our customers have very specific needs or requirements. If you need or think you need more functionality in the app, just let us know!

Our developers have a lot of experience. Most of them have worked with Business Central since it was called Navision Financials, way back in the last century.

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    Still not convinced? Listen to some of our customers…

    I was amazed when we started to work with connect2Shopify. I mean, we have several Shopify installations connected to one Business central. It could be potentially messy. But it just worked, right away. Real-time stock levels in all the Shopify stores.”

    Fredrik Gorthon, CEO, Espresso Gear

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