Plug-n-sell för Dynamics

Plug-n-sell™ is more than a time-saving technology.

We have imbued the apps with our lean process vision.

Hook me up for a free trial, please

Plug-n-sell™ will eliminate your unnecessary spending

We created the Plug-n-sell™ technology with the same straight-forward lean process that we use throughout our integrations and apps. The primary purpose of all of our apps is to reduce time and costs for our users.

The automatic installation process follows the same principles – we eliminate the traditional heavy business software implementation and deployment time and related costs. What that means for our customers:

  • No deployment fees
  • No application start-up fees
  • No implementation fees
  • No project management fees
  • No service fees
  • No time-consuming, unnecessary project meetings
  • No meetings to schedule more meetings
  • No onsite meetings
  • No offsite meetings
  • No overhead costs
  • No surprises!

The app deployment is “invisible” to our users. Everything is taking place in the background.

The integration and data-transfer between Microsoft Dynamics and the connected business application is also happening in the background, either in real-time using web-hooks or at scheduled intervals, using low traffic slots in order to minimize the impact to the environments, creating an almost invisible real-time data interchange.

  • No waiting times
  • No frustrations

The apps are all highly efficient, working automatically in the background.

  • No service agreements
  • No support programs
  • No help desk fees
  • No service ticket fees

We will continually update the apps to keep it in sync with upgrades to Business Central and there is no effort required on the part of our customers. This is, of course, also included in the subscription fee with no additional charge.

I got no time to waste. Hook me up for a fully functional free trial.

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