OmniConnect is the only iPaaS solution built specifically for Business Central.

With OmniConnect we connect your eCommerce, CRM, POS, Marketing tools, and WMS with Business Central.

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OmniConnect iPaaS is a true SaaS product.

Codeunit’s OmniConnect platform has been built for the cloud as a true SaaS product, it wasn’t adapted or converted to SaaS, it has been built from the ground up for the cloud.

Pre-SaaS, pre-Cloud integration applications have been adapted to support the cloud but follow the same traditional sell-and-forget sales, installation, deployment and ongoing support model as the preceding on-prem version did. These applications can be called SaaS applications, but they are essentially just converted big footprint on-prem programs delivered in the cloud.

Codeunit’s integrations can be quickly and seamlessly deployed and utilize purposeful built unified commerce integrations that increases automation and transactional performance between your Business Central or Dynamics NAV ERP and the Commerce and Relationship Management solution you choose.

Daniel Ekvall, CEO

OmniConnect is a full service iPaaS solution

OmniConnect is not just software, it is a full-service solution.

OmniConnect for Business Central and Microsoft Dynamic NAV includes ongoing monitoring and validation of the transactional data that flows through the system. We know that this the most critical piece of the overall solution, our customers cannot afford downtime, loosing orders, missing transactions and do not have time to learn, monitor and become ERP to Commerce integration experts. Our customers are the best at what they do, we are the best at what we do, this is how we create joint success by working together!

You should not have to hire or retain an integration expert within your organization that lead or assist with the deployment and is then responsible and accountable for ongoing monitoring of the transaction flow. That is what we at Codeunit are experts at and have done for decades and what you can rely on us managing for you!

Brian Lawrence, Head of Sales

OmniConnect iPaaS was built to bring Unified Commerce to Business Central.

The OmiConnect iPaaS platform was built from the start to embrace what we today call Unified Commerce. The OmniConnect platform will connect your BC and NAV ERP, with your eCommerce platforms, your CRM, your Point of Sale and your marketing and communication Apps.

A true Unified Commerce solution for Business Central

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We provide a single integration platform, built specifically for Business Central and Dynamics NAV, that brings your company into the next generation of commerce, into the Unified Commerce universe, where your ERP seamlessly integrates not only with your eCommerce, but when your customer arrives at the store to pick up the product the BC integrated POS is aware and when the customer transaction is completed the marketing and communication Apps are triggered, this is Unified Commerce!

Martin Stade, Head of Ops

Business Central is not an integration platform
– OmniConnect is!

NAV and BC are ERP software applications, they are not integration platforms. The underlying infrastructure and tools needed are not available in the ERP to handle high volume integration projects, monitoring, and transaction flow validations.

A solution built natively and exclusively in Business Central will not suffice in the long run, and it will require a significant time investment to deploy, configure, customize, and support. There really is not any way around that… it doesn’t matter how hard you try, the square peg will not fit in the round hole… yeah, yeah… with enough force you probably force it through… but you get the point…

Our product utilizes the latest Microsoft Azure technologies to ensure that our integration projects are able to meet not only todays, but also tomorrow’s requirements. We are passionate and maybe even fanatic about ensure that our platform is as strong as it can be and continue to operate at peak performance for our customers.

Peder Bring, Head of Tech

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