Make sure your clients integrate Magento and other eCommerce solutions with Business Central

Make sure your clients integrate Magento with Business Central

When your ERP clients are getting started with an eCommerce solution like Magento, starting out with a standalone, non-integrated site might be appealing. However, when usage and sales are increasing rapidly, and orders are piling up, the double data entry will quickly become a nuisance, and errors will occur. Your customer will be dissatisfied with the overall solution, experience, manual procedures, and processes which will be very time consuming and costly to maintain. As a result of these deficiencies you, the Business Central ERP partner, will need to get involved and mandated to solve critical issues with short notice.

Automation and integration go hand in hand.

Integrating Magento with Business Central only has advantages.

  • Synchronized your warehouse inventory levels with your Magento storefront.
  • Business Central defined customer and item specific pricing is accurate for customers.
  • Orders flow seamlessly from Magento into the Business Central ERP.
  • Orders statuses, shipments and invoice history is available to customer in real-time.

Automations like these will greatly benefit your customers loyalty and satisfaction, and that will of course, accelerate your clients growth, increase the bottom line and brand value.

Overcoming the lack of technical resources and skills.

TThere are many obstacles for Partners and VARs to handle integration projects inhouse. The average Business Central ERP consultants may not have the technical skills to handle eCommerce integrations, or the time to learn it. Time and capacity are scarcities in today’s highly competitive Business Central market. The resources to managed these are costly and the service revenue generated from integration projects are needed elsewhere in the VAR business where the ROI is much greater. If you turn to a general eCommerce developer or iPaaS integration company, they usually do not have the necessary skills to handle Business Central ERP integrations by themselves.

Codeunit is a Business Central Unified Commerce integration specialist. We have decades of experience with Business Central, Dynamics NAV, Navision, and commerce integrations. We have built a portfolio of ready-to-run, Plug-n-Sell, Business Central apps for all the major eCommerce platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento. Our unique Plug-n-sell fully managed service will bring integrations to your customers swiftly, at a very competitive price and without the need of involvement from your own technical resources.

We also provide Business Central partners and VARs with elite consulting and development of all types of customized Business Central integrations, which we can deliver on efficiently and successfully as our iPaaS platform was purpose-built for Business Central.

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