Integrate Shopify with Business Central for improved Customer Experience.

improve your customers experience with a Shopify integration app for business central

Meeting customer expectation and deliver on-time are among the most important factors in Customer Experience. Failure to deliver due to errors or lack of inventory is devastating for your Shopify store customer experience. Errors can occur in several ways. One of the most common is incorrect pr out-of-date data. With more than one eCommerce store, POS and several suppliers, inventory can be hard to handle. So, what’s the solution?

Start your journey by getting a Single Source of Truth

When you integrate Shopify with Business Central you will have real-time data available in your Shopify store. It doesn’t matter how many Shopify stores you have or have many other POS you are selling through. The information is always accurate since they are transferred automatically from Business Central to all your Shopify stores and other POS.

If, for instance, someone order goods in one of your Shopify stores, the items are immediately flagged as sold in Business Central and are no longer displayed as available in any other Shopify store or POS. Information about the order and shipping information are sent from Shopify to your warehouse. The possibility of human errors in data re-entry is eliminated. Accurate shipping information and expected delivery time is sent to your Shopify customer from Business Central.

A simple solution to integrate Shopify with Business Central

Connect2Shopify from Codeunit is a simple integration solution which does not involve the whole company or even IT department. You just download the app from Business Central AppSource, install it with the unique Plug-n-sell™ technology, and you are up and running. In fact, you can have a single source of truth and start improving your customer experience within 24h. It is a SaaS solution with a fully functional free trail for 30 days. Connect2Shopify works in the background, so it does not involve any new UI experience. No additional costs, no endless integration meetings, no training. Just real-time data in your Shopify store.